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About Us

In 1996, S. Marcus Calloway, Esq. founded Calloway Title and Escrow. Calloway concentrates on real estate law with an emphasis in commercial title insurance and examinations. Built on a foundation of work ethic, expertise, and customer service, the firm quickly developed into a nationally recognized industry leader.

Over the last two decades, our team grew to include more than 50 employees, including eight attorneys with various Bar Association memberships. Leveraging this collective pool of experience allows our Atlanta-based firm to directly serve clients’ commercial title needs in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. We can also facilitate transactions in any other state, thanks to our deep network and strong relationships with title insurance companies across the country.


We firmly believe that reputations are earned and not given. That’s why we handle every transaction with a sharp attention to detail, a creative approach to problem solving, and a total focus on customer service.

The Calloway Culture

Even as our firm blossomed into an industry leader with more than 50 employees, we’ve worked hard to preserve the culture and work ethic of a family-oriented small business. Our committed team is always reachable during off-hours and weekends, in the office or remotely.

Many employees have been part of the Calloway family for an extended time, and we maintain a close and casual office environment that helps us focus on doing our best work. While other firms are busy trying to impress with bells and whistles, we believe a transparent and humble commitment to excellence is the best indicator of our capabilities.

We have more than 45 years of experience in commercial title and escrow transactions nationally.

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