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We Set the Industry Standard for Service

At Calloway Title, we believe in a simple, straightforward approach to commercial title transactions: Work harder and smarter than the competition and always place our customers’ needs above our own. There are no shortcuts or tricks that will lead to a successful engagement, but if we meet those two conditions, then everything else will fall into place. Here’s a few things we do differently in pursuit of that goal:


Why choose Calloway Title? Our experts leverage decades of experience to deliver customers flexible solutions in complex situations.

We Prioritize Customer Service

Whether it’s hand-delivering documents to meet a critical deadline or going to bat for clients when underwriters or courts play hardball, our reputation and actions show that service is more than just a talking point.

We Offer Industry-Leading Expertise

For decades, Calloway Title has been at the forefront of a movement to make the commercial title insurance business less of an afterthought and more of an organized, consumer-friendly endeavor. Many of our staff members serve on various boards and panels, stepping up as thought leaders to help positively shape the industry.

We Give You Options

Unlike other commercial title and escrow firms, we won’t force customers to work with a particular underwriter or bank. Our reputation and good standing across the industry means you have a choice of service providers.

We Are Tech Savvy

To save our clients’ precious time and money, we utilize a custom-built proprietary database to store, organize, and recall important data and documentation with ease. We also leverage e-filing in every county where it is currently available.

We Sweat the Small Stuff

Calloway Title has the expert knowledge base and work ethic to take title investigations further and deeper than the competition. If a commercial transaction is on the line, every detail matters.

We Find Creative Solutions

When other efforts fall short, clients are frequently referred to us as an agency of last resort. We stake our reputation on doing whatever it takes to track down the details that others missed, and we’ve saved quite a few large deals in the 11th hour.

What Previous Clients Are Saying About Calloway Title

We have more than 45 years of experience in commercial title and escrow transactions nationally.

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