Special Projects

We’re there when you need help with your toughest title investigations.

Our Experts Love a Good Challenge

By definition, “Special Projects” are inherently difficult to define. Here’s how we see it: When clients need an agency of last resort, one with the expertise to dig deeper and uncover more details than others, they turn to Calloway Title. 

Typically, this supplemental research is not tied to writing title insurance but can include forensic title analysis for claims disputes, research into boundary line issues and exploratory title research for potential commercial acquisitions. Whether you need a railroad rights-of-way expert or someone who can trace titles across several generations and county lines – even attending family reunions when necessary – Calloway Title is well-equipped to solve the most obscure cases.


The Atlanta Beltline

 Circling the heart of metro Atlanta, former railroad tracks are now being renovated into the Atlanta Beltline.  In 2007, master planning began by looking at the half mile on either side of the Atlanta BeltlLine corridor to create a suitable framework to support future population growth and transit ridership.  In the last 11 years, the city has begun to create the infrastructure of the Beltline, slowly but surely constructing the 22 mile track around the core of the in-town neighborhoods.  Because title work on such a large project would be extensive and crucial to the planning and conveyance of the project, the Beltline would need to use the company best suited for this type of work.  Calloway Title was the clear choice for the job.

Atlanta Beltline Inc. has relied on Calloway Title and Escrow for ownership searches, hundred-year certificates, and even policies on sites that were purchased.  Furthermore, Atlanta Beltline Inc. has also utilized Calloway Title to assist with multiple closing and construction escrows in order to bring many sites in this major project to finality.  By providing a one-stop title and escrow destination, Calloway Title and Escrow continues to be a great partner to Atlanta Beltline Inc.

The Georgia Appleseed Project

Georgia Appleseed’s values include data-driven, pragmatic solutions, courage to tackle the hard issues, and pro bono work. Because the company believes in the exact same values, Calloway Title and Escrow was eager and enthusiastic to help the Project with real estate transactions. By preparing special reports, forensic title searches for litigation, and thorough genealogical research, Calloway Title was able to assist the Georgia Appleseed project and help their clients to successful outcomes.

 These extraordinary dealings are what we at Calloway Title thrive on; we believe moral well-being to be one of the best qualities a company can have. Regardless of your socio-economic status, Calloway Title and Escrow will always handle your transaction with the utmost respect.

We have more than 45 years of experience in commercial title and escrow transactions nationally.

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