File your documents on the public record with accuracy and speed.

Get Your Documentation Right The First Time

At Calloway Title, recording is never treated as an afterthought because we understand the importance of timely, accurate documentation. Our recording captain and his team operate throughout the country and are committed to understanding the rules and procedures for various jurisdictions. When challenges to recording are posed by the court system, we advocate for our clients using experience and long-standing relationships to get documents on record.

Recording is just one more area where Calloway Title has developed a dedicated team led by industry-recognized experts. Our recording captain builds strong personal relationships with court clerks, an our in-house runners become familiar faces in the courthouses to facilitate a speedy working relationship. With a focus on staying ahead of the curve, Calloway Title has been at the leading edge of e-filing implementation.


The Calloway Title Approach to Recording

We Know The Details

When you need deeds and other paperwork recorded, it’s essential to address all state-specific formatting and fee requirements. Our experts can help ensure your documents easily pass court scrutiny.

We Use Innovative Technologies

It is critical to employ technology that helps you keep pace with today’s modern business environment. That is why we have been at the forefront of the e-filing movement, and we are registered to e-file throughout the country.

We Leverage a Stellar Reputation

With decades of experience and deep industry roots, we know the best strategies for cutting through red tape and minimizing delays in recording. Our respected recording expert also sits on boards and moderates panels, helping to shape best practices and industry standards.

Burger King Portfolio

Handling the recording of commercial title documentation for 30 Burger King sites across multiple states required a well-organized team of experts. Calloway Title was there to make sure each site adhered to the relevant state’s required fees and formatting rules.

We have more than 45 years of experience in commercial title and escrow transactions nationally.

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