The Making of a Family-Owned Business

The 2023 holiday season has commenced, and it’s got our Calloway Title team feeling extra sentimental. We have so much to celebrate and be thankful for, but one thing that tops our list every year is our late founder, S. Marcus Calloway. Marcus dedicated his life to the family-owned business that is Calloway Title. While a lot has changed since its inception, the values and principles that guide us have remained the same.

Today, we’re taking a moment to share our story and reflect on how we got here.

Accomplished Attorney to Commercial Business Owner

Respect all. Fear none. Expect Victory. That’s the motto that our founder lived by and what he attributed most of his success to. In 1976, Marcus was admitted to the State Bar of Georgia and became laser-focused on real estate law and commercial title. He opened S. Marcus Calloway, P.C. in 1977, but that wasn’t enough. He wanted to make a bigger impact, so in 1989, he partnered with Ramsay and Calloway Title Services Inc. before forming Calloway Title and Escrow, LLC in 1996.

As a member of various associations, frequent presenter at real estate seminars and recipient of awards like The George A. Pindar Award from the Real Property Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia in 2013 and Title Person of the Year by the Southeast Land Title Association in 2017, Marcus quickly made a name for himself in both the title and law industries. The more opportunities Calloway Title gained, the more Marcus poured back into the community. He supported various non-profit organizations and even brought professional rugby to Atlanta.

Leaving A Legacy

Marcus and his managing partner created a working environment where the best and brightest minds in the industry felt empowered to excel. Over the years, the Calloway Title team has grown into a family–some by blood and others by choice. Marcus set the standard for commercial title insurance, but above all, he was a stand-up person. Because of that, our team takes a straightforward approach to every transaction, with no shortcuts, and we put the needs of our customers first.

The Next Generation

Fast forward to now…our company is run by managing partners Amanda Calloway (Marcus’s daughter) and Kyle Levstek.

Amanda is a proud leader who entered the field of law quite naturally, following in her father’s footsteps. Like Marcus, she’s advancing her career and making an impact on others. She periodically speaks at her alma mater to share her expertise with the next generation of lawyers, is the current chair of the Real Property Law Section of the Georgia State Bar and supports many non-profit organizations. Kyle Levstek also serves on the Real Property Law Section with Amanda and has been with the firm for 23 years. They, along with the rest of our leadership team, are dedicated to keeping Marcus’s legacy and bright spirit alive, while also making some necessary technological advancements and changes to the process–it’s almost 2024, after all. We hope this blog serves as a reminder for us to respect all, fear none and expect victory when we work together. We wish you a happy holiday season with the family members that are here and the ones that are here in spirit. Visit to work with us.

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